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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 22, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning to our viewers in the wegs. it is monday, october 22nd, 2012. welcome to cbs this morning. president obama and governor romney get set for tonight's final showdown. >> a new cbs news poll shows that tightening race in ohio where both candidates need a win. >> should scientists go to jail for failing to predict a deadly earthquake? we'll take you inside a controversial trial. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> the stakes are pretty high for both candidates. the election is close. this has been truly consequential. >> mitt romney and president obama face off in florida tonight. >> for their final debate, the
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focus will be on foreign policy. >> people want to know they have a strong, steady hand in the oval office. they don't want someone who's re reckless. >> what's becoming apparent in the debate is the president has no plan for the next four years. >> who does have the kind of strength, calmness, temperament to be the next president. azana hair salon. >> police in wisconsin say yesterday's deadly shooting was the result of a domestic dispute. three women were killed and four others wounded. >> the one suspect is deceased. we believe it to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> protests erupted in beirut after the funeral of lebanon's assassinated intelligence chief. >> many blame the attack on the assad regime in syria and its local allies in lebanon. lance armstrong has been stripped of his seven tour de france titles. >> lance armstrong has no place in cycling. >> san francisco giants forcing a decisive game seven in the national league championship series over the st. louis cardinals. >> game over. >> new video of a fire bomb
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attack outside a long beach market. >> remains in critical condition. >> it just is unbelievable. >> steelers beat the bengals 24-17. >> touchdown! >> all that -- >> no. >> i've been very pleasant. this is -- >> and all that matters. >> if you got somebody with a nobel peace prize and he killed bin laden. >> americans have a short attention span. saying he killed bin laden is like saying he won the second season of "american idol." >> on "cbs this morning." >> we had to get back to the clinton tax rates and get the hell out of afghanistan. >> i want to get the hell out of here. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." in just two weeks and a day americans will decide who'll be the next president of the united states. the candidates get their last chance tonight to make their case to the voters. the subject will be foreign policy at the third and final
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presidential debate. the moderator will be chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. meanwhile a new quinnipiac university/cbs news poll focuses on ohio, a vital swing state for both campaigns. >> president obama now has a five point advantage over governor mitt romney. 50% to 45% among likely voters in ohio. romney has cut the president's lead in half since september. the same poll found voters prefer the president on foreign policy, but, again, his lead has shrunk in the past month. when they were asked who's a strong leader, more ohio voters choose romney. when asked if the candidates care about their needs and problems, the president had the advantage. jan crawford is in boca raton, florida, the site of tonight's debate. she's covering things from the side of the romney campaign. good morning. >> good morning, norah, charlie, those of you in the west. romney's been here this weekend getting ready for tonight's debate on the stage behind me. he did take a quick break
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yesterday. went to the beach to meet with his top advisers who were there playing a quick game of football with the press. he had some advice for his team. he said win. whether he'll win tonight his advisers say this is an issue that natural favors the incumbent. they don't expect to see the same tone and feel. they're going to be seated around a table. they won't be going head to head pacing around the stage like we saw. also they don't expect the president to be as aggressive. they do think he will go on the offense on the issue of libya. now, that is something that people -- there's a new poll out the majority of people disapprove, 52%, of the way the president has handle libya. so his team believes he's going to try to accuse romney, again, of politicizing those attacks. they say romney will be ready to answer. he's going to raise questions about security at the consulate there. kind of keeping the pressure on. they also say romney's going to be making bigger points about the president's foreign policy, saying it's unraveling. that he ran as a transformative
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figu figure. instead he has, as they argue, an incoherent national security policy. he's also going to be talking about the economy and how the debt affects the national security issues and how our increasing debt also affects national security. you're going to see all that tonight. >> jan crawford, thanks. nancy cordes is at the white house where president obama will depart shortly for tonight's debate. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah and our viewers in the west. well, the white house says that foreign policy is one of the president's strengths. they say he looks forward tonight to talking about ending the war in iraq, winding down the wear in afghanistan. they know he's likely to get tough questions, too, about what happens in afghanistan after the u.s. leaves. and about his administration's handling of that attack in libya that left four americans including the u.s. ambassador dead. he's also very likely to get questions about iran. over the weekend, "the new york times" reported that the u.s. and iran had agreed in principle
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to one on one talks over iran's nuclear program after the election. the white house quickly denied that, though officials tell me they're very open to those talks. some republicans have called that a sign of weakness. while the president is likely to argue tonight that it's a sign of strength. a sign that sanctions that he put in place against iran are working and that iran is now more likely to negotiate. the president has spent all weekend at camp david going over background materials, meeting with his debate prep team. you'll hear him tonight argue that romney's foreign policy approach is blundering, blustering. that he messed up his one overseas trip during this campaign season. and then after this, it's a full-on campaign blitz. the president will be hitting six battleground states over the next three days. >> with us now, former michigan governor jennifer granholm. democrat and host of "the war room" on current tv. also republican strategist rick toe davis, john mccain's 2008
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campaign manager. you both can read polls. where are we especially in ohio. what are the factors at play at this moment? >> governor? >> i think your lead-in about him closing, that's not a surprise. the surprise is he's still at five points up. he's still outside the margin of error, the president is. sbr there's a couple interesting fact. there's a 15-point gender gap. that bodes well for the president. he's up significantly. the middle class, the question on the middle class was very strongly in favor of the president, 54% of those polled believe that he would be better for the middle class. one other piece of data is that in the early voting in ohio, the president, again, is up significantly. 63% to 37%. >> rick davis? >> i think if you read your poll, you got an even race in ohio. which is a significant change to where we were a month ago where people basically were saying ohio's off the table. the fact that romney can win in ohio and based on the numbers you have, you use a model from 2008 that just isn't going to be
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the same turnout model you're going to have this year. fewer democrats. more republicans in your poll say they're going to turn out this time than did before. even your own numbers on early balloting indicate that republicans are catching up to where the democrats were four years ago. >> what can make a difference at this point? >> you're going to have 60 million people watching the debate tonight. so far what we've learned, debates matter. >> debates do matter. i'm not sure where you're saying this is even. the president is up five points. it's outside the margin of error. >> democrats have turned out advantage baked into the numbers of 9%. nobody in this cycle thinks there's going to be a 9% advantage for democrats. so by the time you bake that out to a 5% advantage, which everyone would agree, you've got an even race. >> what atonight's debate is on foreign policy. i want to focus more on ohio. ohio is key, you both agree. mitt romney cannot win without ohio. the democrats claim they have a better ground game in ohio. we know people are voting earlier in ohio. how do the republicans counter
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that? >> well, in your poll, one in five have already voted. mitt romney actually has a significant advantage over those who haven't voted so far. so as voting continues for the next two weeks, you'll see a little catch-up. secondarily when you vote abcenabsen tee, you get marked in the ballots in your local community. we're doing much better this time around than four years ago. looks like the ground games have caught up. >> i totally disagree. the president's ground game in ohio is second to none. it is significantly beefed up from the last time. and the early -- i'm not sure why you would say he's got an advantage among those who haven't voted. it's pretty -- the president is up two points among those who have not voted. >> intensity, who's really most likely to vote, in your poll you have republican advantage on intensity. that matters. your ground game can't turn out people who don't want to vote. >> let's turn to tonight's debate. i want to ask you, rick.
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president obama's debate partner is senator john kerry, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. he said romney is, quote, at the top of the most inexperienced foreign policy ticket. obviously that's his partisan view. is this a tough debate for romney? because he's going up against the commander in chief? >> he is. but if you just read the newspapers today, you'll find out that the number one issue in america right now is foreign policy national security. it's not because of the great successes that obama has shown you. it's the disasters in the middle east. >> the number one issue is the economy. not foreign policy. >> in the newspapers today, what's up on the top of the headline? it's not the economy. it's foreign policy. it's not fwood news. it's bad news. >> both of them are going to constantly pivot from foreign policy to the economy because they know that's where the difference is. >> certainly. look, every voter is going to vote their checkbook this year. no question about it. but the debate tonight is going to be who can best convert that. >> governor, is president obama and his team vulnerable on libya? >> well, i mean, i think that clearly the situation is under investigation. there have been confusing
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reports, which i think demonstrate that you cannot jump to conclusions before you have all of the information. we saw that mitt romney had done that. >> it looks like there's also infighting within the administration. on one side you come out now with reports from the cia, what they said, which is not what we understood was being said at the beginning. >> right. it's not infighting so much as how the information flow is presented and made public. the cia doesn't want to present information until they're really certain that they have it right. so at first it did look like it was a spontaneous demonstration because of a video. >> the information out of that, those internal -- >> what you're saying is getting converted into an issue of confidence. here's an administration even to this day doesn't know what happened over the last three weeks in benghazi. that's an issue of can this president actually steer -- >> i think confidence is hugely an issue. i think when a candidate jumps out -- jumps the gun before he even knows anything that happened and criticizes the united states in the middle of a
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crisis, that demonstrates a lack of confidence. >> jennifer granholm, rick davis, thank you very much. coverage of tonight's debate, once again, moderated by bob schieffer begins at 9:00 eastern time, 6:00 p.m. in the west. president obama interrupted his debate preparation on sunday. he spoke with the fbi director and other officials about a shooting at a spa outside milwaukee. that's where police say a gunman killed three women and wounded four others. he then turned the gun on himself. his wife may be one of the victims. >> reporter: it was about 11:00 a.m. when a gunman entered the azana salon and spa in brookfield, wisconsin, and opened fire. audiotapes recorded by police dispatchers captured the chaos that began to unfold. >> there are two witnesses who saw him actively shooting other people. >> you did say that at least one person was shot. he thought possibly in the head. there was a lot of bleeding. >> reporter: police believe the
7:13 am
alleged gunman, 45-year-old radcliffe haughton targeted the salon where his estranged wife, x ina haughton, is an employee. according to witnesses haughton opened fire, shooting people at random and sending customers fleeing in panic. >> like, maybe, ten people came running out of the back of the salon with their hands up, running, screaming out the door. >> john gosh was stopped at a red light nesh when a woman ran into traffic screaming trying to get his attention. then the shoot eer emerged in pursuit before going back inside the building. >> he looked like a deer in the headlights. she didn't say anything about targeting any one person. he just started shooting people. >> reporter: when officers finally got inside, three women were found dead and another four were seriously injured. for much of the afternoon, police had the area on lockdown. and initially believed that the suspect was still at large. but later said it appeared he had taken his own life. >> the one suspect we believe is responsible for the shootings today is deceased.
7:14 am
we believe it to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: two weeks ago xina haughton had taken out a restraining order against her husband after reporting that her car tires had been slashed while she was at work. police have yet to release the names of those who died. and it is not yet known if she was among the victims. for cbs this morning, new york. >> security officials in lebanon say overnight fighting has killed at least two people and wounded more than a dozen. between shiite and sunni muslims started friday with the killing of a top lebanese official. holly williams is in beirut, lebanon's capital. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. good morning, norah. well, there is ongoing fighting today including here in the capital, beirut. the military now says that the face of the k fate of the country is on the
7:15 am
line. lebanon could be caught up in syria's civil war which is raging next door. this started with violent protests following the shooting of a general. he was lebanon's military chief -- sorry. intelligence chief who was killed in a car bombing on friday. his sporupporters say that was work of the syrian government. the problem here in lebanon is that it is extremely vulnerable to conflict because there are such steep divisions among religious lines. some lebanese, most shiia muslims, support the syrian government. other lebanons, sunni muslims, support the opposition. if there's more violence linked to syria, there are fears that lebanon could descend once again into violence. charlie, norah. >> thank you. meanwhile, jordan's government says it has broken up an alleged al qaeda plot to attack multiple targets including the american embassy in jordan. officials say this is also connected to syria's violence. senior correspondent john miller, former assistant director of national intelligence, is here.
7:16 am
john, does this mean that syria is now spilling over? >> it means that it's spilling over in every direction. i mean, what we just saw in lebanon. what we saw now in jordan shows -- it's spilling over from both sides. in lebanon, what you saw is the syrian government trying to influence things. what you're seeing in the jordan plot is really interesting. because jordan is a country that has largely supported the rebels in syria. sent them weapons and money and other support. here those weapons are coming back to al qaeda inspired groups. although not directly connected. to launch attacks on hotels, cafes, public places as a distraction to draw the police response where they then launch secondary attacks on their real targets. the general intelligence director, government buildings, the u.s. embassy and so on. >> does this suggest that there is a rise in the role of al qaeda-inspired groups in syria, in lebanon, in jordan? >> it suggests that if al qaeda
7:17 am
command and control is dead, which is a little too early to say, al qaedaism is rampant. as lara logan reported yesterday in our tdiscussions privately, l qaeda is an idea. in each country a group callis popping up. they are raising money, collecting weapons and launching attacks. >> we saw the story last week in which the guy from the group you just mentioned was holding court. and meeting reporters in benghazi. >> that's right. that is a group that does read from the al qaeda narrative. here's the individual who is thought to be behind the attack on our embassy. but it's demonstrative of the fact that the government in tripoli doesn't have control over benghazi. benghazi is being run by a bunch of militias for now. the government hopes to get control of it some day. but it ain't there yet. >> thank you, john.
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good to see you. time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" reports that online sensorship programs funded by the united states are overwhelmed by demand. more than 1 million people a day use the program to avoid surveillance and blocks progrin programs. the miami herald reports former cuban leader fidel castro is alive and well, despite those recent rumors. castro met with venezuela's former vice president at a havana hotel over the weekend. he said castro is, quote, very well. it was castro's first public appearance in months. "the wall street journal" reports president obama was erroneously told for more than a week by intelligence officials that the u.s. consulate attack in libya was triggered by a spontaneous protest. new le released details from the daily intelligence briefing show the cia didn't change that assessment for ten days. critics say the president should have called it a tr ris attack from the start. the "chicago tribune"
7:19 am
and the first significant storm system of the season moving into the bay area right now. out the door it is very wet out this morning. roads are slick. picking up debris on the roads with gusty winds with a front moving by. you can see it now making its way into the central bay and it is going to pound hard as we head through the middle of the morning here and then it looks likes it will move by but you can see strong cells moving through the north bay now spreading elsewhere toward the afternoon. highs expected only to be in the 60s.
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>> this national weather report sponsored by bp. >> the tsa say it has a better way to screen airport passengers. those extra machines that can show everything are being taken out of major airports. we'll show you where they are going and why. and seismologists in italy could go to prison because they didn't predict an earthquake.
7:21 am
>> scientists doing their job being prosecuted for criminal manslaughter. >> we'll visit the city that's still a wreck three years after that quake and dictate you inside the controversial trial on cbs "this morning". [ female announcer ] you know the difference between paying more and getting more. that's value sense. introducing the scott shared values program. get free movie rentals, music downloads, and more. use your value sense. sign up at get two miracles in one product. tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation. covers spots, lines, and wrinkles. and helps improve skin tone over time. tone rehab from easy,
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a miami man is being accused of acvery bad neighbor. police say he's being called at throw incorporate nails in other people's driveways and burning a lawn. >> this morning we'll show you what charges he face and why he claims to be a
7:26 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat with this cbs news brief. the season's first major storm creating some problems for the morning rush all over the bay area. with more on that, cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in corte madera with all the rain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you haven't gone outside today this is what you can expect a lot of rain and a big problem that's causing puddles like this one here off of industrial way. drivers are trying to get on northbound 101. there is standing water in lanes of traffic so caltrans has been trying to clear the hazards all morning. the best thing that drivers can do is take it extra slow. keep some room between you and the car in front of you. keep some mild pressure on your brakes or tap your brakes to
7:27 am
avoid skidding or hydroplaning and keep it safe and adjust your speed based on the conditions. in corte madera, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> traffic and weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,
7:28 am
good morning. busy day in the traffic center. i am just getting word of a new accident in the south bay. southbound 280 at 7th street through downtown san jose. we are getting word of an accident blocking all lanes right now. no word if any injuries are involved. but look at all that red there on our sensors along 280 so slow through there. let's check in with lawrence. >> all right. we have rainy conditions around the bay area right now. outside, it is pretty stormy in spots. looking toward russian hill, yeah, very cloudy and hi-def doppler showing you plenty of rain through the bay area. heavy rainfall expected throughout the morning. ,,,,,,,,
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obviously it's been an interesting and as i said the other night at times very difficult few weeks. people ask me a lot how are you doing? i tell them i say i've been better. but i've also been worse. >> lance armstrong spoke last night at a texas fundraiser. this morning the world governing body for cycling agreed to take away his seven tour de france titles. he'll be banned for cycling for life after a report found armstrong used banned substance and encouraged his teammates to use them. welcome to cbs "this morning." >> the republican senate candidate ted akin is making headlines again. this time a comment about his opponent. chip reid is in washington with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this time democrats are angry
7:31 am
about a remark that todd aiken made at a campaign event over the weekend in which he compared mccaskill to a dog. todd aiken after a firestorm for his august remark about legitimate rape added fuel talking about his opponent senator claire mccaskill as an event in springfield on saturday aiken said this. >> she goes to washington, d.c. and it's a little bit like a dog, fetch. she goes to washington, d.c. and gets all of these taxes and red tape and bureaucracy and executive orders and agencies and she brings all of this stuff and dumps it on us in missouri. >> reporter: it was just over two months ago aiken turned the national spotlight on this race. he was asked on a television station whether women who become pregnant due to rape should have the option of abortion. >> first of all from what i freund doctors that's really rare if it's a legitimate rape the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.
7:32 am
>> reporter: that race had been a comfortable lead for aiken as both republicans and democrats called for him to withdraw and donors through big time money behind mccaskill. but the race remains close. akin charged mccaskill's husband received money. mccaskill has denied those allegations and at this point she holds a slim lead in most recent polls. mccaskill and akin have their final debate this thursday night. >> there's important news this morning from air travels, the transportation security administration have been taking x-ray machines out of the airports. >> the scanners were put into widespread use after the failed underwear bomb plot. but they've been the subject of
7:33 am
a lot of controversy ever since. >> millions of air travellers recognize these back scanner x-ray machines. they detect radiation. but in america's busier airports from new york to los angeles the tsa is replacing these full body scanners though not for the reasons that made them controversial, privacy and health concerns. it appears the tsa is trying to improve their efficiency. the cbs news safety analyst says tsa want to process security line faster. they replaced the body scanners with half the size, use low energy radio waves similar to cell phone technology. >> what they are saying is they are going to take these back scanner machines because it takes more staff, more time and they will take to it airports where, in fact, there's a
7:34 am
smaller traffic pattern. >> reporter: critics have complained the back scanner machines were too invasive. electronic peeping toms and a health hazard. the scientific community for the most batter believes these are safe machines but with that said there's still certain areas of the scientific community that do believe any type of radiation touching the human body can create cancer. >> smaller american airports will still use them but the european union banned the machines last year because of health concerns. for cbs "this morning," mark strassman, atlanta. the best thing i know they are looking at it trying to figure out what's the best thing to do. >> there had been concerns about safety. a verdict is due today in italy in a case that started with the 2009 earthquake that killed more than 300 people. this morning we'll show you why scientist whose failed to give a
7:35 am
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again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. political act of your life the opposition to the vietnam war? >> yes that was the most striking because for ten years in the united states senate i blasted that war with everything i had. and then when i found out i couldn't end it as a senator, i became a candidate for president. and the main purpose of that was to end that war in vietnam. and then i lost that election i think we forced an end to it by having a major party, the democratic party and an candidate for president who dedicated his campaign to ending that war. as you know, congress ended it l
7:40 am
race. >> that was former senator george mcgovern back in january of this year. he died sunday morning in sioux falls, south dakota. he was 90 years old. interesting thing about him was that he was a war hero too. this is a guy who got a lot of attention because of anti-war to vietnam, in world war ii flu missions over joirnl. >> a veteran and outspoken opponent of the vietnam war. two people who left law school, bill and hillary clinton to work on his campaign. >> welcome back. a verdict is expect this morning from a closely watched trial in italy. it focuses on one of the country's greatest disasters in recent years the deadly 2009 earthquake. a group of scientists face
7:41 am
prison time for not warning local residents. allen pizzey is at the courthouse. >> reporter: it provoked outrage in the scientific community saying you can't put people on trial for doing the point. if convicted the scientists face up to four years in jail for manslaughter. the case evolved one key word analysis that was done badly in spite of the data scientists failed to give warning a major earthquake may be imminent. therefore residents in l'aquila did not take precautions. the quake killed 309 people, injured 1500 people and left 65,000 people homeless. the historic site of the city had to be abandoned. it lies on a fault line like
7:42 am
california. tremors over extended periods are not unusual. a spate of them hit leading up to the 2009 quake. the accuse hd to answer what seismologists say is an impossible question will thereabout a major quake. dr. tom jordan of the southern california earthquake center said it wasn't science on trial but -- >> this trial has raised huge concerns within the scientific community because here you have a number of scientist whose were simply doing their job. being prosecuted for criminal manslaughter, and i think that scares all of us who are involved in miscommunication. >> 3 1/2 years, the historic center of l'aquila is a ghost town. residents have civil lawsuits and are less interested to see the accused in jail but they
7:43 am
want better information about future quakes. but that too carries risks, too often and too loudly you'll be accruesed of crying wolf or the public could become complacent. for scientists it's a no-win. i'm allen pizzey in l'aquila, italy. >> 7:42. time now for your local weather. one miami resident describes his neighborhood as a war zone. he sees dents in his garage door and nails in his driveway.
7:44 am
now a neighbor sunday arrest. we'll show you that video that [ female announcer ] it's deliciously dark just before dawn. it's a rainy morning becoming a caramel drizzle. with folgers gourmet selections, you can turn any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors, and a new look.
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7:48 am
a man walking on the street and getting hit by a car. comes down off the windshield and seems just fine. how could that happen. >> windshield. >> a little vodka never hurts. >> stay loose and therefore you avoid the worse. welcome back. >> for the last 18 months a miami neighborhood has seen some very unneighborly conduct. residents say they've endured rock throwing, chemical spring and mega in the first place.
7:49 am
you can watch anderson
7:50 am
cooper on television during the day, at night and on "60 minutes." this morning he's stopping by studio 57. we'll talk with him in just a bit. >> you're excited to talk to anderson. but first this is a good time to get on your feet. dr. holly phillips says it may help you give longer. >> good morning. today in health watch the couch potato's curse. new research shows sitting especially in front of a television can cut years off your life. and the numbers may pull the chair right from under you. for people 25 and older every hour you spend watching tv cuts your life expectancy by 22 minutes. spoking cigarettes is also bad. another study looked at sitting time over an entire day. those that sat the most were much more likely to develop diabetes, cardiovascular disease
7:51 am
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7:55 am
,,,, room. norah was just saying what's the most important thing to watch for in tonight's debate? >> confidence. and welcome to my living room. >> we decided to drop by. >> you need anything? >> we have breakfast over here. coffee, orange juice. >> i just need to go back to sleep. >> do you considering tonight's debate as a tiebreaker. >> last chance. whoever wins this will win the election. >> can we measure that? >> second by second, moment by moment. >> don't you want to hear what he says late center stay with us, cbs "this mo
7:56 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, it is 7:56. i'm juliette goodrich with your cbs 5 news headlines. the teen driver accused of hitting and killing a father and daughter is expected to be sentenced today. the accident happened back in april in concord. 18-year-old david rosen is facing 7 years behind bars. giants taking game 6 last night beating the cardinals 6- 1. game 7 starts tonight at 5:00 and it is do or die for both teams. the winner will then go on to play the detroit tigers in the world series. we're going to have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. wet weather out there causing problems on the roads. we have a traffic alert to report southbound 101 as you
7:58 am
approach the waldo tunnel. two lanes are blocked, so slow there. once you pass the accident, traffic is clearer across the golden gate bridge. but you can see our travel times 30 minutes from 580 towards the golden gate bridge toll plaza. westbound 580 stacking up 60- plus minutes to work your way from the altamont pass to 680. your drive on the nimitz is a struggle northbound towards the maze. here's lawrence. >> stormy around the bay area this morning, gianna. outside looks like a front slowly working its way out of the north bay but coming down good there looking toward mount diablo. we are going to see that rain taper off to showers but right now the main cold front really just sliding on through and you can see all the yellows, orange out there heavier amounts of rainfall into berkeley and also richmond into sausalito. that rain turning to showers though as we head towards the middle of the day. temperatures by the afternoon mainly into the 60s with scattered showers by the afternoon. more rain on the way tomorrow, looks like more rain on wednesday, as well. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning everybody. it is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the presidential candidates go face to face tonight for one last time. a new poll shows the race is getting closer. also, anderson cooper will be here. he's on daytime. he's on prime time and now in studio 57. first here is a look at what's happening in the world and what we've been covering on "cbs this morning." >> his advisors say this topic of foreign policy, that nationally favors the incumbent, they believe romney will hold his own. >> the candidates get their last chance tonight. >> the president spent the
8:01 am
weekend holed up at camp david. a shooting at a spa outside milwaukee, a gunman killed three women and wounded four others. >> it looked like a deer in the headlines. >> he just started shooting people. security officials in lebanon say overnight fighting killed two people and wounded a dozen. >> does this mean syria is now spilling over? >> it means it's spilling over in every direction. this morning the world governing body from cycling agreed to take away his seven tour de france titles. >> caught on tape in ukraine. a windshield. >> a little vodka never helps. how high are the stakes? >> this matters more than ever before. >> do speak loudly and clearly, you're in boca raton, florida. their city motto is "say it in
8:02 am
my good ear." >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and president obama. president obama and mitt romney have their third and final debate tonight. the focus is foreign affairs. >> in florida romney took a debate to watch a touch football game between his staff and the traveling press. meanwhile president obama finished preparations in camp david. this morning a poll shows romney closing the gap in ohio, one of the most important swing states. in the last month the president's lead among likely ohio voters have shrunk from ten points to five. cbs news political analyst and republican strategist frank luntz is here. good morning. is ohio in play for romney? >> ohio is in play. wisconsin is in play. and if any candidate wins both of those states, the next president of the united states, regardless what the popular vote does if you split. that's probably good news for
8:03 am
mitt romney. it's not about 50 states. it's about two. >> does foreign policy make a difference? >> it makes a difference in terms of how they pivot. how do you define national security? can you define it in terms of debt, deficit, a weak economy is weak security, that's the advantage for mitt romney. if it's defined by experience, by leadership, that may be tad vantage for barack obama. it's unclear. it's the lease interesting in terms of the voters' mind sets, but most important because it's only 15 days until the election. >> some people argue if a race is tight between an incumbent and challenger, it goes to the challenger. >> i've seen that, about two to one. there's no undecided. in most of the national polling, the undecided some 3%, 4%, 5%. that's an advantage of less than .5%. >> that was quite a statement you made in the tease going into your segment when you said whoever wins this debate tonight
8:04 am
you say wins the election. why is this debate so crucial? debates have taken on a different meeting than in the past. >> that's correct. i can't think of anything since ronald reagan debated jimmy carter that changed the whole dynamic like this. there is no unedited opportunity for the candidates to meet with the voters. the 30-second ads have lost their impact. an october surprise or some ad that is so harsh and critical, it could shock you into paying attention. >> which poll do you pay attention? some polls say the president is ahead, some say they're dead even. some say romney is ahead. which one should the voters be paying attention to? >> i use clear politics as this network and many networks development i throw out the poll that's most pro obama and the one that's most pro romney and reaverage it. barack obama has 0.6% nationwide.
8:05 am
that's how close it is. >> you care what's happening in our battleground states, like our ohio poll. tonight's debate, bob schieffer moderating. it's on foreign policy. who do you think the subject matter favors? >> obama has been there for four years. he had the same battle back in 2008 against john mccain and he did fine in foreign policy. he has the death of osama bin laden. he also has a weakness which is benghazi. in the end, i don't think it's about foreign policy. i think it's about the attributes and character traits of the candidate. who do you trust in terms of crisis? that will be the terminator. >> on questions of leadership, has not governor romney been leading president obama? >> he has been, but this is the toughest issue for him. governor romney has the experience in the economy and he's done it as a businessman. he can't legitimately say he's
8:06 am
led a nation in times of crisis or in times of war. barack obama can do that. that's why obama would have the narrow advantage. >> i was going to say, i've been stud dig up for tonight's debate because we're both going down to boca. the range of issues that will be discussed tonight, everything from china. immigration falls under that, the middle east. you have to prep a lot for this debate certainly if you're m
8:07 am
anderson cooper is here t anderson cooper is here this morning. we'll taug about his big "60 minutes" interview, everything from politics to reality stores endorsing candidates. we're talking honey boo-boo when "cbs this morning" continues. ♪
8:08 am
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8:11 am
might as well jum might as well jump, because it's strange to see a kangaroo jumping around an airport parking garage. somehow this guy ended up in a garage at the melbourne airport.
8:12 am
he was sedated and released in a safe area. he's okay. >> it is australia. >> that's right. there's that. you can always find better prices online, right? maybe not. this morning we'll ask jack otter of cbs money watch why big retailers are ready to match those online prices. when we come back, there he is, too, anderson cooper hanging out in the green room hanging out with jack. he'll join us at the table -- i don't think anderson is sitting on the table, but he will join us at the table. >> that would be nice, gayle. >> that would be very nice. if he could take off his shirt, all the better. >> whoa, she just went there. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by party city. nobody has more halloween for less. when it comes to toilet paper,
8:13 am
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to get your free 6-inch sub.
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8:16 am
anderson cooper is covering big stories all the time at night as "60 minutes" correspondent and then ac360. during the day talk show anderson live takes a different look at the news. >> cabbage patch kids. they all come with a birth certificate and when the company sent us these they all arrived except mitt romney one. mitt romney arrived later and without a birth certificate. >> there will be all kinds of trouble here. >> anderson cooper, welcome back great to see you. tell us about the "60 minutes" piece. >> interviewed greg smith, former vice president of goldman sachs. i think it was very controversial when he wrote his op-ed page and some were
8:17 am
concerned about what he was saying in his book. one of the experts in our piece said they will breathe a sigh of relief. there's not a lot of detail about specific transactions. >> what did you think about him? i love when you asked him is it a betrayal, he goes no. you resign in the "new york times" without telling anybody and it's not a sign of betrayal. i just want people to know. >> i have questions whether he stayed had he gotten the salary increase he wanted, had he gotten the position he wanted. his point was the people who got the salaries and positions were getting them for the wrong reasons, they were selling these huge complex packages that products that a lot of times people buying them didn't understand. >> muppets they called them. there's a lot of pensions which have a lot of money whether state pensions, teacher pensions, police pensions, and in some cases he was making the case they were being duped. >> right.
8:18 am
he said that his former employer wanted uneducated clients, wanted client and basically talked about duping clients. they say they don't have the see fiduciary responsibilities. >> what's the secret to doing three shows? >> i should ask you that question. you do hours every day. i like variety. >> the secret is you love it. >> it is. i find when you're learning new thing, every day i'm spending hours, reads, research and learning new things. that's invigorating. how many people continue to learn every day? >> one has a live audience which makes it interesting. >> what i love about you is you do both very well. you can do pop culture and politics. here we are 15 days out. if you had a choice between breaking news with the real
8:19 am
housewives throw down or an exclusive with the white house -- >> come on. >> no. >> andy cohen -- >> i would do the white house without a doubt. >> sfwhou >> yeah. andy cohen does real housewives very well. >> i would choose the white house too. >> you don't have to ask norah. >> you watch housewives from afar. i'm an enthusiast. >> got it. >> you don't like reality television. >> do i. i backed away in the last year or two from it. i watch it to keep abreast. there's a negativity to it that i just don't want to get involved with any more. >> we both love being out in the field. the one thing about doing this job and other jobs it ties you down. ac360 ties you down a bit. >> it does.
8:20 am
>> you still love it in. >> love it. >> how do you change what's going to go on each show. there's different groups of people that watch you at night on ac360 and people that watch daytime. what do you think about when you think about how to make a show work. >> we're a live show, covering things that happen during the day. we're also covering broader range of issues and subjects. today we're talking about hidden dangers in your house or apartment, what to look for. we found a couple who bought a meth house. nobody disclosed to them it was a meth house and actually made them sick. it seems that don't necessarily get on the evening newscast but has resonance in people's lives. different type of story telling. >> talk about cnn. they are looking for a new president. >> so i've heard. >> do you have a candidate?
8:21 am
>> this sounds like i'm coping out i don't get involved in things i can't control. i don't know all the things that go into that job nor would i want to because it sounds like a very difficult job. jim walton the outgoing president has done an amazing job. amazing guy. >> what would you like to see cmn do more of? >> you know, honestly during breaking news times people come to cnn. it's those other times that cnn traditionally has had a problem. i think just, we to what we do very well. we need to send the message of what is it we do on a daily basis and do that mission and just -- i believe very strongly in not being partisan and not being left or right, and holding people accountable. holding politicians accountable. >> he does it very well. there's a debate tonight. big political debate. >> i heard. >> you know heard. that's not breaking news. the question is you've done a
8:22 am
couple of debates. you know how it goes. what makes a good moderator. i wonder how bob schieffer is feeling today. were you nervous getting ready? >> it's nerve-racking. but, i think it's always, as a moderator you don't want them end up talking about you. >> you remember this moment, anderson, anderson, anderson? >> michele bachmann as i recall. different ways to get your attention like john edwards used to raise his little finger. >> and governor romney? >> dennis kucinich would wave wildly. michele bachmann said anderson. >> interrupted you. >> yes. >> even during commercial breaks they or their wife will come up and yell at you. it's a tough job. ideally for me is not to be asking questions to make you look smart it's questions that will get the best response out of the can,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
.. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. and good morning to you. it is 8:25. i'm juliette goodrich with your cbs 5 news headlines. jury deliberations beginning today in the giselle esteban murder trial. the union city mother is charged with killing nursing student michelle le who disappeared from hayward kaiser last may. her body was found in a remote area four months later. construction for the san mateo bridge finished way ahead of schedule. it opened to traffic at 4 a.m. this morning. it had been closed since friday at 10 p.m. so crews could make repairs and upgrades. crews were so efficient they won't need to close the bridge against next weekend as planned. talk about orange october. it lives another day. the giants bats were hot last
8:26 am
night and starter vogelsong struck out a career-high nine batters. giants beat the cards 6-1 forcing the series to a decisive game 7 tonight at 5:00. we'll have traffic and weather in just a minute. it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
8:27 am
good morning. pack your patience this morning as you hit the roads. lots of stuff to look out for. here's a live look at the bay bridge. stacked up well into the maze, wet weather, slow off the eastshore freeway, as well. so give yourself some extra
8:28 am
time. jumping over to our maps, we have a handful of accidents to look out for northbound 280 at alemany blocking lanes in both directions. 101 north of the waldo tunnel blocking lanes. the tow struck is stuck in the backup so over 40 minutes from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. westbound 580 at foothill this accident just reported blocking lanes over an hour as you work your way westbound 580 out of the altamont pass towards the dublin interchange. that's a look at traffic. lots of rain out there lawrence. >> yeah. cold front now pounding the bay area, the first significant storm. season moving in. toward ocean beach clouds breaking there but further south we are seeing more of that rain. you can see that strong band now making its way in along the peninsula and also more rain in toward the east bay toward orinda, berkeley, you're seeing some moderate to heavier rainfall there. this all sliding through this morning becoming more showers toward the afternoon. 60s and cool today but we're not done with the rain just yet. we have more showers for tomorrow, more rain expected on wednesday. captions by: caption colorado
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> a professor at the university of new mexico has developed a dissolvable mouth strip that can leave the pain caused when a person burns the top of their mouth eating pizza. finally an alternative to waiting a minute. just wait a minute. hard to wait a minute, norah when the cheese is staring at you calling your name. >> exactly. when its melting. welcome back, everybody to cbs "this morning." traditional stores may be losing
8:31 am
ground to online competitors so with the holidays coming up they are fighting back. >> target and best buy are offering to match the online prices of many products and other big chains have other ideas. jack otter executive editor of cbs is watching the competition and can sort it all out for us. i'm thinking this is good news for the customer. >> it is. bad news for the store. it's a sign of desspar ration. best buy is on the ropes. they said okay whatever those guys are doing our competition is killing us we'll match the price. the problem is what people are doing they walk into a best buy or a target, check out the tv or laptop and go home and buy it on the computer. called showrooming. one study found 12% to 15% had their smartphone in the store. look at the tv, check out the model number and find out who has the best prices. >> when they can buy it right there in front of them. >> exactly.
8:32 am
>> which stores are matching the online prices? >> best buy came out and said we'll match online competitors. there's a list of 20. it's the obvious ones such as amazon. or newegg. manufacturers them else, dell and hp and then the big box competitors like or with best buy they say an employee has to go see the price on a store computer. can you imagine in christmas, holiday shopping going -- getting the attention -- target just this morning came out with this plan. it says you can use a hand-held device to show the clerk the price that you're getting they will match that but they both have slightly different deals. best beltway said we won't mess around with this black friday craziness so the week of thanksgiving and cyber monday, this plan is to spend it. target is going right through.
8:33 am
i suspect target doesn't have as many electronics, that's where the real fight, real battle takes place. >> hand-held device you mean your telephone. >> exactly. >> look what i found. >> walmart is taking on online retailers. how so? >> walmart hasn't said it will match prices. my suspicion is because walmart doesn't want to go out there and admit anybody might have a lower price. they are saying they are going to offer same day shipping. which is kind of interesting because online won't offer that. so they are trying to take the battle to them. this is very much a test program. for 10 bucks you can get as much as you want delivered to you that day as long as you order by noon. the problem is it's only in northern virginia, philadelphia, minneapolis and san francisco. >> not exactly the country. >> just a test program. but i do think it's interesting. if they can make this work then
8:34 am
amazon might may have to match what walmart is doing instead of the other way around. >> your takeaway for shoppers? >> my takeaway is summed up. william blair did a study where they compared stores to amazon. best buy was 16% higher on prices. target was 14% higher. walmart 9% higher. that's average. doesn't mean the thing you're looking for is going to be 16% higher but i was surprised it was across the board. clearly you can do pretty good online. >> how do shoppers know how to get the best deal? >> it's a little bit tricky. you have to really -- there's no substitute for clicking a lot and going from site to site. some sites will help you. one is called pricegrabber where you can register your e-mail address. then spider. get it. called the web. spider. then also -- >> norah did you get that? >> no.
8:35 am
>> our sister site, cnet will also show you the price on various electronic items. but none of them are efficient. i found that maybe costco or sam's club is not caught by the spider. register and then they will send you and e-mail this tv you want is 10% cheaper so that's convenient. >> got it. i like it when we can save money. thank you. good to see you. the capital theater started with vaudeville in the '20s. 40 years later janis joplin and pink floyd played their tunes. anthony mason takes us to the ,,
8:36 am
8:37 am
back in the 1960s many old theaters gave up on movies and
8:38 am
started having rock concerts. most are gone now but anthony mason found one that's ready for an encore. >> in the history of rock and roll the capital theater was legendary and unlikely setting in the new york suburbs that played host to some of rock's biggest acts and now after several decades the stars are finally coming back. ♪ >> bob weir is breathing new life into the old capital theater. the place hasn't heard much music since his former band, the grateful dead last played here in the 1970s. >> we had a fairly short but illustrious run. this place was always at the top of the list. we knew we would have a good night. >> how many people does this hold? >> it's 1800 capacity.
8:39 am
>> peter shapiro promoting concerts for 16 years but his life's dream has gone to have his very own rock palace. >> a lot of gold, a lot of black, a lot of blood red. >> beyond the color or the architecture and custom wall paper, shapiro saw something more in the old capital theater when he bought it two years ago. >> how do you define a rock palace? what is that in >> a rock palace has to have had janis joplin play there, pink floyd, the stones. that kind of history because i think it's still here in the air. >> such as off of route 95 in portchester, new york the capital's location, 30 miles from manhattan isn't exactly entertainment mecca. but in its hey day as a music hall the capital drew rock's new
8:40 am
aristocracy to the classics. >> this is the opening night music list. >> james taylor. ♪ >> james taylor was the first rock act to play here in 1970. ♪ >> that same year janis joplin who her hit "mercedes-benz" and first performed it from this stage in her next to last show, two months before she died. >> it's glorious. >> all that nostalgia is not lost on questlove, drummer for house to band for late night
8:41 am
with jimmie fallon. >> how much does it mean? >> personally i think it's about the people that come. and, you know, we just eat off the energy. but, you know, i'm also a sucker for history and whatnot. we have a throat live up to. >> how much did you have to do to the place to fix it up the >> the bones here were strong. what we did was come and touch everything. in some way. you know, those are the original seats. those that saw janis and the stones but we reupholstered them. >> it was an innatue movie pali in the '20s.
8:42 am
>> he built these great movie palaces. the boston opera house. >> in the '70s the cap's faded glory was perfect for a rock palace but like the movies the music eventually moved on. it had been 15 years since the last gig here. so after bob dillon played the grand re-opening last month, one reviewer declared a rock theater that looks and sounds as good as the capital is something to celebrate. >> is there still a market for a rock and roll palace? >> we're going to find out what the market is. but, yeah. i know it. you know, if we build it -- >> they will come? >> if we build it right, i would like to think that i sure hope there's a market and i would be happy to go down trying. ♪ >> shapiro has rebuilt it and in
8:43 am
fact they are coming, there are 100 acts booked in the capital over the next year including al green, meatloaf, my morning jacket. the artists want to thereabout. see if the customers come. >> you were there for dillon? >> yeah. >> how was it? >> it's a great room, especially great because it's close to my house. i roll down the hill and i'm there. that's not why i did the story. it's a beautiful room and they did a great job with it. >> the money is in concerts. >> record business is drying up. so if you want to make money you got to do it in places like that. >> he said he likes the history but it's all about the people that come. >> and the room has to have a vibe. that room does have a sib. that's what they are talking about. >> beautiful venue. thank you anthony mason. roll down the hill no telling what you'll come back with. always convenient when the story is in the neighborhood. >> like that.
8:44 am
>> yeah, we like it a lot. >> if you think the presidential race is getting rough one of our former presidents was, did you know, called a murderer? and a drunk. who was that? does anybody know? we'll find out. because the man who knows the answer is in the green room, his name is den net davis. we'll look at the author of don we'll look at the author of don "don't know much about history., thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins.
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8:46 am
mitt romney is trying to get in the white house and president obama is trying to stay there. one book has surprising things to say about all of our chief
8:47 am
executives. >> "don't know much about the american presidents" is part of ken davis best selling series. what president was called a murderer and something worse? >> andrew jackson. there was a jingle oh, andy oh, andy how many men have you killed in your life, how many weddings to make a wife. the idea that campaigns are nicer and neater andrew jackson was accused of acmurderer and an adulterer. his wife had been married before, hadn't got the divorce finalized and they were married before they were divorced. she died before he was inaugurated and he went to the white house vowi ining vengeanc his opponents. >> in that election for instance there was something called the coffin hand bill. andrew jackson showing coffins
8:48 am
of the men he murdered or killed. thomas jefferson accused of adultery, being an atheist, being a coward. he was swift boated in modern terms because when he was governor of virginia he left the governor's mansion when the british attacked so this was used against him in the campaign. in 1796 by his old friend john adams from 1776. >> who was the drunk president >> there's been quite a few of those. the one who was accused of drunkardness against henry clay. the most important american politician who never became a president. reason two in 21 reasons not to elect clay he spent his days in the bar and the nights in the brothel. it's been around for a long time. >> henry clay? >> henry clay. >> great senator. >> great congress mapg. greatest politician who did not become president. lost mostly because third parties chipped away at some of
8:49 am
his support. that's the importance of the third-party candidate. >> professor -- you look like one. >> we need to fine him a pipe. >> the electoral college this is a question i get frequently. why do we use it. >> it's in the constitution not in the sense of the words electoral college. when the men invend presidency 225 years ago we just collective bargainingated constitution day they didn't want the people to do it. they thought people were too easily misled. they didn't want the legislature to do it. what was the m? the lectors. them they thought men wise enough could spend the time to passaic this choice. they gave each state a number of electors equal to their representation in congress but the important thing there is that slaves were count sod the early presidents for the first five are slave holders from slave holding states, five of the first seven and this idea of the electors was really a way to
8:50 am
prevent too much democracy. we like to thing we're in favor of democracy. they didn't trust the people. >> it is an idea whose time has passed? >> if you ask me it is certainly. in the 19th-century it made sense how could a person from massachusetts know a candidate from georgia. those reasons, practical reasons are long gone. every amendment that we've had to the constitution that relates to voting has opened the process up whether it's blacks, women, 18-year-olds, city of washington, d.c. >> just feel like one of these elections will be tested. we'll have a 269-269 split and, you know, we already had a crisis in 2000 and we could have another crisis. it goes house to and the house votes and it's the new house rather hand the old house. they vote on the presidency. >> each state gets a vote. >> can we play this game. who was the startest president we ever had? >> well the only ph.d. president was woodrow wilson.
8:51 am
he was pretty smart. theodore roosevelt was pretty smart. >> the dumbest? >> that's a tough one. john f. kennedy said it's not fair to grade anyone even poor old james buchanan unless you sat behind the desk and opened the mail. so warren g. harding was not such a gligt but magnetic personality, good looking. he was a movie star. so you're seeing his cabinet play out. howard dougherty was a real person. he was an attorney general and he was very, very corrupt. >> in your book you've given four a pluses. one went to abraham lincoln. six fs, one went to george w. bush. what criteria did you use? >> the a pluses up to me are presidents not just that they did great things but they elevated the presidency in some way. george washington obviously, lincoln and the crises they faced. lincoln the greatest crisis,
8:52 am
franklin d. roosevelt. theodore roosevelt didn't face a crisis but elevated the office to what it is today. he put this office and made it the international spotlight that it is. >> he didn't take the nickname teddy because he thought it was actual gar. >> and wanted to take the words god in trust off the money because he thought it was sacrireligious as well as unconstitutional. >> interestingly if you look at the surveys from back in the '60s until fairly recently they shift maybe one or two here or there but harry truman is the best examples of a president very unpopular, also a fascinating story, 1948, his election. >> the book, the american presidents. that does it for us. up next your local news. we'll see you tomorrow on,,,,,,, ,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald and good morning to you. it the 8:55. i'm juliette goodrich with your cbs 5 headlines. if you haven't registered to vote yet, your time is running out. applications must be postmarked or turned in no later than midnight tonight. and the same goes for online applications. alameda county will hold a special midnight madness voter registration starting at 5 p.m. tonight at its downtown oakland office. nissan is recalling nearly 14,000 of its cars because some of their bolts could become loose and fall out. the recall affects certain altimas from the years 2012 and 2013. the affected vehicles were all made between may 10 and july 26. nissan says the bolts can be tightened at dealerships. all right. orange october, living another
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day. the giants' bats were hot last night and starter ryan vogelsong delivered striking out a career-high nine batters. giants winning 6-1 and forced the series to game 7 tonight at 5:00. go, giants. here's lawrence with our forecast. rain? >> yeah. we're seeing rain out there now. but i don't think it's going to postpone the game. may see minor delays due to showers but the rain moving through is heavy in spots and will continue to do so for the next couple of hours. then it's going to slide out of town. the back side of the cold front as it moves by this afternoon scattered showers around the bay area, temperatures staying cool. plan on highs only in the 60s. more showers expected as we head into tuesday. another more significant band moves in on wednesday to bring another round of rain. drying out and more sunshine on thursday and friday, partly cloudy but dry over the weekend. we are going to check out your "timesaver traffic" coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. we've dealing with some bart delays right now a 10-minute delay due to a medical emergency systemwide so hopefully they will wrap it up. everything else is on time. skyline boulevard closed both directions near 92 for downed power lines. slow on 237. ,, ,,,,,,
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